The woes of over regulation a story of greed and crony capitalism

By Lanette Davies
Media Director of California Cannabis Coalition & Director of Crusaders for Patients Right Sacramento
Having attended and protected patients’ rights for several  years at the State Capitol , testifying at multiple hearings on how laws affect our local farmers, industry and patients wellbeing, I am convinced we need a complete overhaul of most our politicians.   You think this year is the first year AB 266 has raised its ugly head?  This is a yearly nightmare that was Assembly Member Tom Amiano’s baby to begin with, Senator Lou Correra’s and in the beginning of the year it belonged to Assembly Member Cooley and transferred to Assembly Member Bonta’s as the lead.  What kind of money is banking this monstrosity and who is the sponsor so we can squarely kick him in the seat of his pants.
First let me say, I am not opposed to good regulations that benefit both the patient and the community.  What we have in AB 266 DOES NOT benefit either party.  All this bill does is greasing the palms of local and State government officials that should be protecting the patients, but it is a critically broken system. Where will this money come from?  It will come from already sick and ill patients that’s where. They should all be ashamed of themselves for trying to create rules, policies, and regulations that are so strict and cumbersome that the only one who would survive would be the black market or the very wealthy.
The problem is the campaign political contributions floating through our State Legislators.   Last year Senator Leland Yee (March 2014)  was arrested for accepting $21,000  in campaign payments from an undercover FBI agent posing as someone in the marijuana business trying to arrange meetings with two unidentified state lawmakers in 2013. Just last week the UCFW organizer Dan Rush has been accused of taking more than $600,000 in cash and gifts from Industry operators.(note as of 8/14/15 UCFW states he is no longer employed and were shocked at the allegations)
Follow the money trail people and you know what you get? AB266 and bills all over the country resembling it.  Look at New York which just opened its doors.  It is expected to take 30 million to just get started operating and every employee MUST be a union member. AB266 also has something similar written into the law where “a labor peace agreement” is mandatory if you employ over 20 people.   I am not against Unions however I am against FORCED unions.  AB266 also makes it illegal to transport unless you hire a third party transportation company. I believe you can thank your local teamsters for that little treat (since the lobbyist was at the stakeholders meeting I attended).
Now even Senator McGuire (who had no sponsor, he stated in committee hearings) has folded and drank the Kool aid. He is adopting most of AB266 wording and for the next week behind closed doors the politicians will be squaring off in their corners to see who gets to screw us.
Looking at the 2016 elections coming up where we the people may be creating our own regulation system, which by the way would override anything they do, could be just the incentive that saves us.  If either AB266 or SB643 pass the startup cost is in the millions. How irresponsible would it be to throw tax payers money away if in 2016 we voted in a less restrictive system and they lost the millions, when they know there will be something on the ballot? Already filed at the Attorney General’s office is the “The Compassionate and Sensible Access Act “which thanks to California Cannabis Coalition is a practical patient’s bill of rights and “The Marijuana Control, Legalization and Revenue Act” filed by John Lee.  Both these initiatives complement each other and should be seriously considered because both are written by our own patients, activist and concerned citizens. 
Please call or drop and email to your Senator and Assembly Member and let them know, you say hell NO to the state regulations which by the way still allow bans and wait patiently for the 2016 elections coming soon!
Assembly Member Rob Bonta  Author of AB     916-319-2018 
Assembly Member Ken Cooley (co-author)        916-319-2008
Assembly Member Reggie Jones-Sawyer (co-author)  916-319-2059
Assembly Member Tom Lackey (co-author)        916-319-2036
Assembly Member David Chiu (co-author)         916-319-2017
Senator Mike McGuire Author of SB 643             916-651-4002
President Pro Tempore, Kevin de Leon (Senate)  916-651-4024
Speaker of the House Assembly Member Toni  Atkins  916-319-2078


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