CPR Meeting Agenda

6/7/2016  7pm @ 
Crusaders for Patients Rights


State hearings : update
AB 567 (Gipson)
This bill would require the State Board of Equalization and the Employment Development Department to administer tax penalty amnesty programs during the period beginning on July 1, 2017, through September 30, 2017.
Status: Now in the Senate Business, Profession and Economic Development Committee. Hearing date is 6/13/16
AB 1575 (Bonta, Cooley, Jones-Sawyer, Lackey, Wood)
This is the Medical Marijuana Regulation and Safety Act (MMRSA) clean-up bill
Status: Has passed the Assembly
AB 2243 (Wood)
Taxing bill amended June 2nd to fund “regional marijuana enforcement officers” in addition to funding local law enforcement grants. Urgency clause adopted on June 2nd. Previously Amended May 3rd  to Remove the tax burden from Cultivators and impose the tax on Distributors.
Status: Passed Assembly
AB 2300 (Wood)
Bill stating that the Medical Marijuana Program does not authorize the smoking of medical marijuana where smoking is prohibited by a landlord.
Status: Has passed the Assembly. 
SB 987 (McGuire)
Imposes a 15% excise tax on marijuana which will be imposed on the purchaser at the retail level.  Amended 3/15 to specify taxes collected would go to the general fund and for funding local level grants for enforcement/regulation as well as drug and alcohol treatment. Other monies would go to the Department of Parks and Recreation
Status: Amended 5/31 to transform proposed tax into a “user fee” Passed Senate
SB 1116 (McGuire)
This bill would eliminate the specification that the imposition of tax applies only to a licensee, specifically with the intention that a county may impose a tax on the privilege of cultivating, dispensing, producing, processing, preparing, storing, providing, donating, selling, or distributing medical cannabis or medical cannabis products. Appears to open the door to allowing counties to create additional tax categories (ad valorem tax, excise tax).
Status: Assigned to Senate Governance and Finance Committee.
Good News- both drugged driving laws AB2740 and SB1462 did not pass

Cities/ Counties
Yuba county – measure A    Overturns outdoor ban and Measure B authorizes 4 dispensaries
Butte County- measure G – makes cannabis not an agriculture operation. Measure H would strengthen enforcement of measure A    Both are not good for us    This week our side turned in double the amount of signatures needed for MC3 which would replace measure A and allow cultivation both private and commercial   http://www.krcrtv.com/news/local/thousands-sign-petition-for-new-marijuana-initiative/399300963
Sacramento City – Measure Y  - tax both cultivation and retail at 5% (now at 4%) and moves money from general fund to youth fund ( only non profits can use)
Nevada County – measure W- no outdoor cultivation and only 12 indoor
Calaveras County to be on Nov ballot to regulate commercial cultivation after formatting errors


Things to know about California's new tobacco, vaping laws- as of 6/09/2016

“Legalization of marijuana could promote drought alleviation-our own Ellen Komp responds to daily Californian article

'Cannabis Damages DNA' Claim Debunked By Leading Researcher Ethan Russo

No on Auma update -  Conference coming to Sacramento in July

Crusaders for Patients Rights to table at the California State Fair- there will be no July meetings
Sacramento Pride success last weekend – thank you





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