Crusaders for Patients Rights 2012 Review

Jan 2012
3rd CPR meeting
5th Assembly member Roger Dickenson
7th Del Paso Heights
9th American Cancer Society – Relay for Life
10th Twin Rivers meeting
11th ASA leadership meeting & Relay for Life meeting
12th Interview with Sacramento Business Journal
13th State Capitol –bill of rights
16th MLK march
17th CPR meeting
18th Candle Light Vigil reminder of federal interference 
21st Relay for Life kick off
25th Candle Light Vigil
26th City of Sacto meeting & city police meeting

February 2012
1st Court support
2nd ASA organizer meeting
3rd meeting on jail conditions
4th Del Paso Heights Neighborhood meeting
7th Leadership meeting & CPR meeting
8th Candle Light Vigil
13th ACLU meeting
21st CPR meeting
27th Relay for Life meeting

March 2012
4th Legal observer training
5th Legal Observer
6th CPR meeting
13th Community meeting
14th Relay for Life meeting
19th ACLU board meeting
20th CPR meeting
23rd Obama rally protest
24th American Cancer meeting & occupy urban outreach
26th ASA legal seminar
27th City Council meeting

April 2012
3rd CPR meeting
4th Jeff Kravitz fund raiser (board of supervisor)
7th Del Paso Heights Neighborhood association
10th Social Justice meeting
11th AB2312 Hearing at state Capitol
12th ASA organizer meeting
13th Public forum
14th  15th and 16th  ACLU lobby day
17th Public safety – state capitol hearing and CPR meeting
19th Relay for Life
23rd Yuba City Council meeting
24th SB1182 hearing
27th and 28th Patients out of Time conference in Arizona

May 2012 
1st CPR meeting
2nd Candle Light vigil in memory of Joy Cole
4th Notary class and test
8th Nevada county board meeting
11th memorial service for Joy Cole
12th American Cancer breakfast  fundraiser
15th CPR meeting
16th AB2312 hearing
17th Relay for Life meeting
19th 20th ASA lobby conference
21st ACLU board meeting
22nd Sacramento County Board meeting
26th AAMC meeting
30th Relay for Life meeting

June 2012
5th CPR meeting
6th American Cancer meeting
7th Court support
9th and 10th Relay for Life
15th Court in San Bernardino
18th ACLU board meeting
19th CPR meeting
26th court support

July 2012   
6th Occupy Sacramento protest
12th through 29th California state fair

Aug 2012
7th CPR meeting
21st CPR meeting
28th Butte County board of Supervisor

September 2012
4th CPR meeting
5th Court support
8th ACLU meeting
11th City council meeting
13th Del Paso Heights meeting
17th Justice reform meeting
18th CPR meeting
19th Political Forum 4th dist
20th Obama protest rally
22nd Del Paso Heights meeting
23rd ACLU action committee meeting
25th Congressman Tom McClintock meeting

October 2012
2nd CPR meeting
4th ASA leadership and Occupy meeting
6th table Occupy state capitol
12th through 19th Washington DC court and lobby
23r relay for life

November 2012
3rd ACS training
5th Ami Bera meeting
6th CPR meeting and worked election poll observer
7th Lodi city council
13th Relay for life
14th west Sacramento city council and appeals court hearing
24th AAMC
27th Sacramento bee interview  and aclu meeting

December 2012
4th CPR meeting
5th west Sacramento city council meeting
10th Relay for life
11th Sacramento county board of supervisor meeting
15th Community Toys for Tots day







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