Mission Statement

Crusaders for Patients Rights (CPR) is a non partisan organization of patients, professionals, and concerned citizens promoting safe and legal access of cannabis for therapeutic use. CPR works to overcome political and legal barriers by supporting policies, rules and regulations that improve access of medical cannabis for patients and researchers through legislation, education, litigation, grassroots actions, and advocacy. This includes legal and legislative action in matters relevant to medicinal cannabis.

We work diligently to help patients understand and comply with the law, while also working to help shape the law into an institution that respects and endorses patients' rights.

We are a Christian based organization, believing that our strength as an organization lies in our faith in Jesus Christ whom has given us diversity of education, diversity in our professions, in our abilities, beliefs, backgrounds and personalities. Every one of us brings our own unique self and contributions to this assembly. It is up to each member to determine his or her level and areas of participation and responsibility. Every one of us is valuable and valued.

CPR is a patient advocacy organization dedicated to educating public health professionals and the public about medical cannabis and its therapeutic uses.

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